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Tue Mar 28 04:47:10 EST 2000

Hello Permafamily!
I have a relative in Peru who is very excited about Permaculture, who loves 
the concept and possibilities, and who is looking to make a positive impact 
with Permaculture in Peru.  This relative of mine, my father, Ricardo 
Barrantes, has many avenues to influence potent people in Peru who could 
take Permaculture to the mainstream if they recognized its legitimacy, 
however, he does not have enough experience with Permaculture to eloquently 
express and demonstrate its potential.  He is now in Peru visiting for a 
week and would love to make contacts with any Permaculture activists in Peru 
in order to introduce them to people with "power."  Does anybody know of any 
reputable Permies who have solid demonstration sites specifically in Peru, 
and perhaps South America in general...  Please respond asap, as he is ready 
to activate Permaculture in this country that would greatly benefit from an 
officially funded nation-wide Permaculture program.  Thank you for your 
help!  Together we can make a difference!
Isn't this fun?!
May permanent peace prevail on Earth!
Marco Barrantes,
Permaculture Trails Network

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