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Keith Johnson keithdj at mindspring.com
Tue Mar 28 01:10:36 EST 2000

Belovejoy at aol.com wrote:

> Please place the announcement below on your Bulletin Board
>  Permaculture Community Opportunity:
>  We are seeking people to buy, invest, or become partners, to purchase and
> upgrade 50% of this 'off the grid' property. A minimum of $100,000.oo is
> required.
>  This project is to become a self-sufficient Sustainable Native Permaculture
> Community. Focusing on research, developing, and marketing of Native Plants
> for food, herbs, and industrial uses.  With excellent opportunity for group
> Camping and Retreats.
>  Three 10 acre parcels located on the California Central Coast, inside the
> Los Padres National Forest. bapg at slip.net minutes east of Santa Margarita,
> Very Remote. Oaks and Pines. Upper Desert and Lower Mountain flora and fauna.
>  Solar and wind power, generator-house, 4 wells & pumps 2-5,000 gal tanks, 3-
> living quarters, 2 story workspace-bunkhouse, pole-barn w/ workshop, utility
> shed, greenhouse, garden, orchard, pasture, pond, hot tub, and aviary.
> I will consider selling separate parcels or total buy out $250,000.00.
> Ben Lovejoy   Starroot Farm   805 438-3696

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