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Keith Johnson keithdj at mindspring.com
Thu Mar 23 19:33:58 EST 2000

We haven't used "earthbags" at Earthaven ecovillage, where I live, but we have used
gravel- filled bags for foundations. The bags are stacked on a rubble/gravel trench and
interwoven with barbed wire then finally stuccoed. We then have a foundation upon which
we can use strawbales, cob, or clay-straw infill. In our case we have a pole frame
building with clay-straw. We're quite happy with it.
Keith Johnson

Myk Rushton wrote:

> Greetings Pc Ng and Pc list
> Anybody any knowledge or experience of using earthbags as a building
> resource? They seem they fit in somewhere with cob and strawbale building.
> Myk
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