rick valley bamboogrove at
Thu Mar 23 14:46:08 EST 2000

>comfrey spreads in
>> >her garden and takes over

She probably does not use comfrey as a major element of fertility. 
If she also tills- that's the #1 way to propagate it!
I have had rodents take root cuttings & store them, and then they grow- 
presto! comfrey pops up in odd places. But I plant comfrey along wire 
fences- much easier to manage than weedy grasses, and a wonderful green 

>I am having trouble getting comfrey established due too frequent
>tillage near/over their beds. 

If you can't do it any other way, start it in pots- a 2 inch piece of 
root will do; but i usually dibble crown divisions in to the area and 
then mulch with fresh manure & pee on it frequently the first season. If 
there are chickens in the area, mulch sticks under the manure. To keep 
tillers away, use scrap steel.

PS, big points to Akiva for remaining civil and communicative!

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