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Scott Pittman pci at
Wed Mar 22 16:26:52 EST 2000

At 06:54 AM 3/22/00 -0800, you wrote:
>others wrote:
>> >I know for a fact that Bill never intended to
>> >incorporate psychology, politics, or metaphysics into permaculture.
>>o oh, now what about the chapter on patterns as well as the one on a 
>>global nation? if this isn't psychology, poltics, Politics and some 
>>metaphysics we clearly have a different definition of these terms.
>Listen people: permaculture is very much about edges...any edge will do, 
>especially those edges which tend to stimulate the endocrine functions of 
>humans. Just like any debate-worthy practice, there are conservative 
>approaches, liberal approaches, fanatical approaches, and barely rational 
>approaches...all of which may be appropriate at a given time and/or place.

I take it you tend toward the later two categories.

>If people want to practice "Bill Mollison Brand" Permaculture, simply 
>study the sacred texts and/or talk directly with him if you can. Then you 
>will have downloaded from an accredited "father" and can quote him 
>accurately. No need to extend these concepts further then Bill.

Since you insist of taking my words out of context for rhetoric's sake I 
must correct your seeming lack of comprehension.  I stated that before we 
change the themes covered in Bill's book that we should "think 
carefully".  The thinking part may have been what through you.  I didn't 
say or even intimate that we should slavishly follow the "sacred text" but 
that we should be careful.  What is it with this "father" thing - get some 
help and get over it!

>I believe permaculture, as voiced by Mollison, is way bigger then he or 
>most people have envisioned. It continues beyond where Science can follow, 
>and its poetry is easily recognized when encountered. We're all 
>improvising with basic concepts currently comprehensible to "modern" 
>people, which arise out of ancient sentient earth patterns and traditions 
>seeded on this planet long ago by someone/thing we haven't yet accurately 

It's comforting that you are ahead of Bill and "most people" in your 
comprehension of permaculture.  I do note your humility in the last sentence.

>And don't tell me that this is not true, because you do not know for sure 
>what life on earth is about, and I received this info as direct 
>transmission from Zone 6.

Your attempt at levity belies your arrogance!

Get real!

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