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Wed Mar 22 15:10:58 EST 2000

Firstly, thanks to all for your support and kind words

The lessons for me during the past 3 years of 'we are going to
dedicate our lives to running you out of town' are to do with:

1. beliefs systems - never, ever ridicule anyone's belief system, we
literally use our belief system to define nature - how ever ridiculous
it may seem (aliens included)

2. community - I dont agree with the feminists approach to running
someone out of town that is detrimental to the community as whole -
surely it would be better to accept and educate

3. the pack mentality - on one woman's say so, the allegation of
stalking, the group shunned me & my work, quite literally destroying
the projects that I had built up over the past five years.  not one
person asked me for my side of the story, and when I offered it, it
seemed so ridiculous that it wasnt believed. gossip, especially
malicious gossip, in a small rural community, not only harmed me, but
also the people they would have benefitted from the projects that I
was working on.

4. community work - like anything that happens to us in our lives it
is a lesson.  My biggest lesson (for me, maybe it's not applicable to
anyone else) was that I cant just keep giving it away to the community
and expect them to support me, or even thank me.  I'm now
concentrating on getting my own work in order (
so that I will be self-sufficient in income, and then in an even
stronger position to help my community.

I sure cant change anything or anybody, all I can do is lead by

Thanks for allowing me to share this little story - the whole episode
will surely affect me for years to come. BTW, I am not leaving this
community, I was born here and this is where I am staying - Ive learnt
my lessons from the experience, so now maybe others will learn their's


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