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Graham Burnett gburnett at
Tue Mar 21 20:40:55 EST 2000

> My parents moved into a new place in IA and want to remove some grass to
> plant a garden and flowers. Does anyone know a good way to get rid of
> grass for good without herbicides?

Why not try sheet mulching, ie, obtain some cardboard, etc from skips (or 'dumpsters' as i believe
you refer to them on the other side of the pond), lay flat over the lawn, or parts of the lawn that
you'd like to convert to productive growing space, then cover with @ 6" of well rotted compost,
topsoil, etc. You can sew larger seeds such as beans, potatos, directly into the compost, also
seedlings such as marrows, squashes, etc + herbs, fruit bushes, etc... Small, 'fiddly' seeds, root
crops arn't so suitable. Flowers like marigold, nastrurtians, etc, should also do OK, don't forget
these not only look nice but are edible (plus attract pest controlling insects, etc), so if your
folks arn't so into the idea of an edible landscape you can sneak in the 'multifunctional' elements
without being confrontational.

There's a good sheet mulching illustration/diagram in 'Earth Users Guide To Permaculture' by
Rosemary Morrow, also check out the 'Saxon Lodge Garden' site I've done at, where basically all cultivation on a site which
was beforehand a lawn has been achieved with minimal effort by sheet mulching...

Give it a go anyway, good luck,


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