the front lawn

Verne L. Chinampas moistearth at
Tue Mar 21 19:56:34 EST 2000

Dawn wrote:
>My parents moved into a new place in IA and want to remove some grass 
to plant a garden and flowers. Does anyone know a good way to get rid
grass for good without herbicides? 

>Black plastic hasn't worked. We left parts of the lawn covered for a 
year one time but when the ground below contacts air and light again
grass comes back from the root. She got a rototiller and was thinking 
of tilling it under. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Dawn, since you're new to permaculture, I'll provide you a little
distance learning:

Use all weapons at your disposal: herbicides, black plastic, and
rototilling. Cement is also helpful. This is what we call "stacking

Integrating Pleidian guidance from Zone 6, chant to the weed devas (or
"wevas"), smoke a bunch of tobacco, and then relax atop your
karkeloffen until it's time to coppice the basket willows. This is the
window of opportunity when the "designah becomes the reclinah".


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