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Hi Dawn

I believe that the extension of permaculture into the mystical is to divert
Permaculture from being a practical discipline (which may be needed for our
survival) into the realms of who knows where is defeating its aims. There
are many people who are alternative new age believers who try and bend Pc
into their line of thinking. The recognised text books on Pc do not include
these lines of philosophy but then they dont exclude them. So that is a
matter of personal belief.

I gained my PDC through April Sampson-Kelly and was very pleased with the
course, her web site is http://www.ozemail.com.au/~askpv/, there you should
find details of the course.


Wesley Trotman
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> I am a biological systems engineering student in Washington State with an
> interest in Permaculture. I gather that you need to complete a
> permaculture design course to become certified? I've been studying
> permaculture on my own for a long time and have almost no acutal
> experience. Maybe that's the reason that I can't say I relate to the
> inspiration to "meditate", (unless that's a more flexible term than I
> understand it to be).
>  I guess that means I'm looking for the Orthodox
> type of course mentioned. My zone 6 doesn't have elves or Elvis.
>  I want to learn about Permaculture, which I understand to include a
> whole range of lifestyle aspects from food production to sustainable
> architecture, possibly social structure issues and maybe herbal
> remedies.
>  I understand the silent gratitude that comes from having contact
> with the forces that provide for you. I believe in putting all things to
> their best use. That's what I'm looking to learn about in a design course.
> Is there anyone who can recommend a course like that which can lead
> to certification?
> Thank you in advance for your help. Please correct my assumptions if you
> think they're wrong.
> Dawn
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