Zone 6 and zones in general : Essential Agriculture

Marsha Hanzi hanzibra at
Sun Mar 12 15:26:23 EST 2000

Where does Permaculture, as a discipline actually stop?   When we begin to
work intimately with live, integrated systems, our intuition  attunes
tremendously to the place, and we begin to move into these edges, where
strange things happen ( like inexplicable rainbows etc..) Is this still

I have just developed a second course, complementary to my "orthodox"
Permaculture courses , called "Essential  Agriculture" which goes deeper
into this aspect of the "essential" in terms of the absolutely kernel
necessities ( as Fukuoka has done) but also "essential" in terms of our
essence, and  Nature's essence, understanding and communicating  directly.
In this course I include  dowsing techniques,soil re-vitalization
techniques, material from Viktor Schauberger about water,  materials from
Perelandra  about accessing information directly from Nature,  and
excercises which help people develop and believe in their intuitions. I
tried to give  this course the most general, neutral name possible, and pray
that it does not become a label nor a club...

In the Permaculture courses I  concentrate on planning integrated systems,
the question of agroforests,  food production, housing,  etc.  Of course the
natural and spiritual aspects are latently present, because  the people who
participate have these aspects of themselves as well, which respond to the
beauty of the place and to the people involved... And it often happens that
the participants of the "orthodox" courses  ask for quiet time, meditations,
celebrations of the full moon, etc..So one course is actually an extension
of the other...And of course this multidimensional aspect is very much
present in  Brazil  as a whole, at all levels. (One of my "meditating
partners" is the director of a light company...)

Marsha  Hanzi
Instituto de Permacultura da Bahia

> >Larry and friends,
> >    I, too, like the concept of Zone 6 to represent a continuous
> >gradation of nearly invisible awarenesses of "all-our-relations" and our
> >expansive sphere of influence beyond old, limited belief systems about
> >time and space, etc. by strenghtening  our intuition abilities and
> >"in-tune"ments which can help us reach beyond normal understanding and
> >communication.

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