zone 6

rick valley bamboogrove at
Sat Mar 18 14:36:42 EST 2000

Considering the planetary reality for a good long time, the idea of a 
zone where you don't ever go just means a zone where someone else goes. 
At the least it means a place where you'd have to go to evict the 
squatters. We humans are everywhere, part of this world, and "not ever 
going there" sounds to me alot like  the "hands off" idea of wilderness 
and park "preservation" that is causing so many problems.
>(zone 6 =)"pristine wilderness" (as opposed to wilderness that people have 
altered at
>some point)
And there is wilderness that has not been altered?

If zone 6 is elves, elvis, devas & such, why then our concentric donuts 
have turned into a new physics sort of ouroboros continuum for surely 
zone 6 abuts the zone 00 of our internal headstate. There's not enough 
beer to give this system proper consideration.

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