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>I THINK what Carl was kind of getting at with Zone 6 was, if Zone 00 is our INTERNAL landscape,
>psychology, the work we need to do with our own distress, etc, etc, then Zone 6 is kind of the
>COLLECTIVE subconsious, cultural mythologies, the dreaming, legends, folk tales, that kind of
>thing, and which definition can't be too closely analysed... and in a way Zone 6 neatly loops back
>onto Zone 00, where does the internal landscape begin and the collective subconscious end? Same
>with all the zones really, there's always that blurring at the edges (which is probably where the
>most interesting stuff happens, as with the edge principle in general....

Fascinating thought (or zone 00 adventure :-) to consider that Zone 6
might be considered the human consciousness edge zone (analagous to
the Biodynamic people's Devic Realm). 

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