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>Seriously though I believe that the addition of further zones to the
>original 5 is an example of how permaculture and its practices are 
>As you said zone 0 was added on to the original 5 (It is not mentioned in 
>1, 2 or in Introduction to Pc but is mentioned in the Design Manual).
>Also, looking back at the original definition of zones it was about energy
>efficiency, the closest zones being the ones that required the most energy
>input. I personally prefer Robin Clayfield description of zones in her book
>You Can Have Your Permaculture And Eat It Too. "The concept of zones is
>about the placement of elements in relation to the importance, priority and
>number of visits needed for each element". To me the zone of greatest
>importance that has the highest priority and requires the greatest number 
>visits is zone 00 - me! Without continual frequent visits to myself the 
>of my system falls apart. Next is zone 0 my house, again it takes careful
>planning to ensure my energy is used efficiently. After that follow the
>standard 5 zones as originally described in Pc 1 and 2. After that comes
>zone 6, that place where I retire to in day dreams or times of stress when 
>just shut off!

I fully resonate with this explanation of zones, and have been independently 
describing the concept in a very similar manner.
Thank you for your input Myk.

-Marco, California/Costa Rica
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