mountain farming systems

Jacky Foo foo at
Tue Mar 14 11:16:49 EST 2000

One of the papers of the Internet Conference on Material Flow Analysis of 
Integrated Bio-Systems that is being discussed is the paper entitled 
"Resource Flow Analysis of the Nepalese Mountain Farming System".

We are now opening the discussion (13-28 March) to issues related to 
mountain farming systems to further understand their material flows and how 
to improve them via the application of integrated bio-systems, as well as 

I like to welcome members from the "permaculture" mailing list to join the 
above discussion. I welcome those of you who work on mountain farming 
systems to introduce your work. Please feel free to describe your project 
and project site, share your own experiences and describe problems you have 
encountered and how you have solved them, exchange information and discuss 
issues related to material flows in mountain farming systems by small 
households and communities in Nepal and other countries.

If you wish to propose a project with the author and IBSnet, please take 
the opportunity to discuss the proposal here as well as to seek partners 
and experts from this audience

As this is a special invitation to subscribers from 
permaculture at, pls contact me if you wish to join the 
mountain farming systems discussion (13-28 March).

jacky foo
MFA conf. secretariat

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