'Zone 6'

Graham Burnett gburnett at unisonfree.net
Fri Mar 10 19:10:37 EST 2000

Forgive the somewhat scattergun emailing to all my permaculture pals...

However I've just been in one of those deep philosophical, alcohol fueled discussions with a good
friend in the local hostelry about life, the universe, permaculture and everything (like you do),
and I was reminded of the PC intro course I did with carl Smith back in 1995, when he explained
zoning he referred to 'Zone 6', the 'place you never visit' and 'here be dragons' (Martine, you'll
remember this as you were on the same course)- I've never heard it mentioned since in Permaculture
circles- can anybody point me to some specific literature that engages in exploring this concept?
Some old PC magazine articles maybe?

All the best to everyone,

Graham Burnett
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Westcliff On Sea
Essex, UK

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