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> and have particular interests in urban
>permaculture/allotments/community building/forest gardening/peoplecare, also
>creative/participatory PC teaching, but keen on participating in
>information/discussion/development of ideas & thought ranging from Zone Zero
>Zero to Zone Six....

I thought that it had been decided that, for the purposes of teaching
and enlightening the public (for free or for pay) and gaining common
acceptance of permaculture as a solid, practical and effective design
science that there would be exactly five zones, one through five.

It would be left to the discretion of the lecturer of teacher to
include supplemental information related to the concept of other
"regions" that needed to be considered in the practice, teaching and
general dissemination of the science of permaculture and that these
extra "zones" or "regions" could, for illustrative purposes be
conveniently labelled "zones 00, 0, 6 and maybe 7". 

Lots of good people, enthusiastic about learning more about PC with a
mind to take it seriously and incorporate it into their daily lives
could be put off by a PC teacher seeming to be 
harping or overly harping on "religious or spititual" issues by
expounding on his favorite zone 00, 0, 6 or 7 theories. This could
come later after thay have a firm grasp of what zones 1-5 are. It is
important that they conceptualize permaculture in real, hands on,
down-to-earth terms then move forward within this framework in 
a logical, creative progression to more enlightened states of
awareness of what permaculture is about and its potential for
stabilizing and enhancing people's lives and their living environment,
upon which they depend for survival.

Reopening this can of worms again for another breath of fresh air.
Have at it.

>I've read/seen/argued so many different approaches and attitudes to this
>'Big Idea' called permaculture which totally strikes a chord with me that
>I've coined my own definition, paraphrased from a lyric by popular UK beat
>combo The Levellers;
>"There's only one way of doing permaculture.... And that's your own!"

I've been fooling around with another concept, similar to
permaculture, ecolandtech. Eco Landtech. I liked it so much
I just bought my own domain for it, www.ecolandtech.com (not online
yet, maybe someday). No intention of reinvening the wheel with this 
concept as it may parallel or complement permaculture as an informal,
homebrew approach to the technology of land use. It will encompass
the landscaper's art, the horticulturist's skills and the farmer's
perseverance and love of the earth.


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