snail ranching

Mikal Jakubal mjakubal at
Sat Jun 17 18:57:59 EDT 2000

Rick wrote, referring to snails:
>they are illegal in Oregon...

Illegal? Do explain... Does the Immigration and Naturalization Service come
and round them up and ship them back to France or something? "La Migra!
Everybody run!" "We can't run, you fool--we're snails!"

Or is it that they are illegal to possess? I can see it now: 
"What are ya in for, kid?" 
"Possession of snails with intent to sell."  And they all moved away from
me on the bench...  
You can get anything you want at Alice's restaurant...exceptin' snails.

Or are they like opium poppies and San Pedro cactus: it's legal to
cultivate them, but illegal to ingest them? "I swear, officer, these shells
are for ornamental purposes only! I bought them at the florist shop for
decorations. Really, I did!"

Can the DEA confiscate your property if they find snails on it?

Just wondering...


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