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Marsha Hanzi hanzibra at
Wed Jun 14 20:24:57 EDT 2000

> > I  hope to crank up
> >a sort of  motorized  convergence, with busses coming from the four
> >(Greatly
> >inspired by our unforgettable PC bus tour through Scandinavia  when the
> >International Convergence was in Denmark...)
> We had a convergence to conference caravan in NZ at IPC III, too; inspired
> an informal tour at IPC II in '86 which was in my home region. It was
> fun,    (etc.)

> Here on the West coast of Turtle Island we have an "alternative" bus line-
> Green Tortoise- that is adept at taking odd lots of people great distances
> a mellow mode. They have much to teach! The interiors of the buses are
> modified so all passengers can lie down to sleep  ( etc.)

. They charter too; and I daydream
> about getting a crew of like-minded souls together for a pc tour on one of
> their buses.
> -Rick

Take me along,dum dum dum dum dum, take me along dum dum dum dum, take me
along with youuuuu.....

Do you know about the Rainbow Caravan which set out from Mexico three years
ago, destination Tierra del Fuego?  Had a member in one of my courses, while
they were camped out in Manaus. They are actors, circus artists, and shamans
( well at least they do shaman-like stuff).  They stop off in the most
incredible hard-to-get-to places in the jungle and on the hills, and camp
out and generally make waves with music ,  theater, but also serious
workshops about  reforestation,  health,  non-violence, etc.  People hop on
and off.  They have no fixed income,  eat when they are offered food, share
everything.  Someone gave them a great circus tent... (They travel in two

Waiting for them to get a bit nearer ( the last e-mail was from the plateaus
of Colombia, after having spent some time near Medellin)  to hop on for a


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