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Thu Jun 15 14:58:23 EDT 2000

> I  hope to crank up
>a sort of  motorized  convergence, with busses coming from the four corners,
>inspired by our unforgettable PC bus tour through Scandinavia  when the
>International Convergence was in Denmark...)
We had a convergence to conference caravan in NZ at IPC III, too; inspired by
an informal tour at IPC II in '86 which was in my home region. It was great
fun, although on the grueling side- once we camped well after dark in the
rain, only the ginger tincture kept us all from chumming the fish on the
crossing to North Island, and so on. By the time we got to the conference, it
wasn't so important anymore!
Here on the West coast of Turtle Island we have an "alternative" bus line-
Green Tortoise- that is adept at taking odd lots of people great distances in
a mellow mode. They have much to teach! The interiors of the buses are
modified so all passengers can lie down to sleep. I only rode it once- to a
North American Fruit Explorers Annual Meeting at UC Davis;  From Portland,
Oregon, we made the standard stop for dinner and sauna/swim in Southern
Oregon; then they put the bunks down, and cranked up the dreamy music and
cruised south again. I took my bike for $10 extra and they let me out just
after dawn at a freeway interchange. I rode the 10 miles or so into the U.,
stayed at Village Homes with resident Gretchen Wills and her family, who I
met as a PDC participant in '86. I'd bike commute to the meetings. It was,
all in all, a very pleasant business trip. They charter too; and I daydream
about getting a crew of like-minded souls together for a pc tour on one of
their buses.

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