Sustainability and contentment

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Reminds me of an old joke-

Apparently they asked Mr. Rockefeller, back in the 30's, "How much is

His answer: "....A little bit more...."

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> > Fascinating insights flying around -- thanks for starting this one up
> > and to everyone else, particularly Toby for several well-thought through
> > posts. My twopennyworth:
> >
> > 1) Sustainability is indeed a word being battled over, particularly
> between
> > environmentalists and economists -- important to keep asserting the
> > environmental bottom line of 'not damaging the natural systems that
> sustain
> > life' -- while also insisting that the 'meeting human needs fairly'
> > has to be taken on-board by greenies.
> >
> There is a word which we rarely hear any more, but which may be in fact
> central to the issue at hand: "contentment" , means being happy with what
> you have, that gentle state of well-being, of soft glowing happiness ( not
> shouting from the mountaintops). The image to me is sitting quietly on the
> veranda, watching  the sun go down.  To me, contentment has to do with
> slower rhythm , free time,  having the basics ( no fear)..  Maybe
> contentment is in fact one of our goals in Permaculture-- having those
> basics, and recognizing  them as being sufficient for
> to stop in time... Get what I mean?  (Couterbalance to "more is
> Marsha
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