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Thanks Rick... who wrote...

<<I want some better ideas on how to keep things positive; copyright won't do
it all, and being an example, doing the work- doesn't feel fast enough!

Is this the cue for people to bring out all our stories about what we are
doing? You summarise a very central challenge, Rick. 

For myself: I see the central challenge as one of time-budgeting -- time is
the most limited resource, because each of us can do just one thing and be
in just one place at one time. I worry about whether I am trying to be
involved in too many things -- and which of the many constructive projects
and directions I come across I can afford the time and energy to be
involved in. 

How do you ration yourself, and prioritise your time?

Feels like about time I did a bit of a "what I'm up to" news note for you
all -- will try clear my mind for it soon. (But getting a similar catch-up
note off to family and friends comes first in the priority list. So does
planting out tomato and sweet corn seedlings)


At 12:16 08/06/00 -0700, you wrote:
>Judith Hanna wrote-
>>I recognised from normal Australian farming practice (or at
>>least recommended practice --- my father was the first in our area to put
>>in Yeoman's 'keyline' contours), from my mothers and grandfathers way of
>>gardening, and from anthropology (where they were mentioned as asides) and
>>living in New Guinea.
>I heard Bill say in '86 that Yeomans was his primary, positive inspiration;
>Bill has a zillion stories of traditional Celtic/European gardening- and New
>Guinea has a longer agricultural history than Europe- among others, the
>Tylers in NZ got inspired there- and returned from Ag aid work in PNG to
>'permutate' NZ. Yeah! good examples are everywhere.
>The problem that I have seen, is that some people start using "permaculture"
>as a way to get business or students or recognition or? but they didn't get
>the idea- and they cause more harm than good. By and large these people
>haven't done a design course, (with a few VERY troubling exceptions.) How to
>keep things on track? Bill sees the copyright thing as part of it, I think. I
>certainly see the bad examples, the coopting, the misuse of pc as a label
>that many mention.
>Better ways to keep it on track? My only solution has been to do it! I began
>teaching pc after seeing what a guy in Portland Oregon was teaching as pc: 10
>sessions of detailing the coming ecological/social collapse and a brief piece
>in the last session on moving to the Gila country in New Mexico and living
>like the native Americans did. Generally left the course participants
>depressed and immobile.
>Can you teach pc in a University- under florescent lights for 1 hour of
>lecture a day?
>Is Bill directing us wisely in telling us we must teach his curriculum?
>(I think my job is to "teach" what works in my place & culture while
>"teaching" how to use Bill's works as a study guide)
>I want some better ideas on how to keep things positive; copyright won't do
>it all, and being an example, doing the work- doesn't feel fast enough!
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