Permaculture convergence

Ava Devenport essenheal at
Fri Jun 9 11:33:09 EDT 2000

On 06/07/00, "Scott Pittman <pci at>" wrote:
> Thanks for the response to my query about the convergence.  An alternative
> to Louisiana is New Mexico where we have a large body of graduates and 
> volunteers to help put this together.

Dear Scott:

I'm just south of Pueblo, CO, New Mexico would be great for us! (And I LOVE 
Santa Fe!)

> The problem is it can be quite cold 
> here then so camping will be a little rugged.

I must have missed the dates, when?  I grew up camping in the Rockies, 
year-round, love to camp in cold weather, it gives me a reason to snuggle 
with my husband.  Hands-on projects are more enjoyable, also, when it's not 
too hot.

> Permaculture Institute 

Where exactly is this?

Also, do you know Joe Tibbetts of the Southwest Solar Adobe School in 
Beline?  We took a course from him last spring in passive-solar Adobe.  
He's wonderfully 'green', does some permaculture courses, also, and an 
extremely knowledgeable individual.  Very personable and such a good 
instructor that our entire class asked to stay later and come earlier, 
which he happily accommodated.

Joe is the person I'm doing the plant latex research for regarding a green 
replacement for asphalt emulsion/portland cement earth stabilizers.


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