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I see this argument has come around again...must be some kind of pattern...

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>If, as we've been discussing, we ever want Permaculture to be accepted in
>academic or corporate circles (and it needs to be), this is not the way to
>go about it.  

I suggest transcending/replacing such institutions (academia, corporatia)
rather than being absorbed ("accepted") by them.  For those who think the
"altering," co-opting, twisting, bending, perverting, etc. etc. of PC as
delineated by M & H is bad now, just wait until academia and corporatia as
we know them start messing with it...a little pattern recognition with
regards to these systems' interactions with would-be external influences
(such as PC) seems in order.  Which system in such an interaction is likely
to change more...?

For those who want PC to become a "profession," I suggest reading Ivan
Illich on the manifold pathologies of "professions" - or just reflect on the
consequences of the medical profession, the legal profession, the academic
professions, the technical professions, etc. etc.....

My experience is that the more I desire to control something, the more
clearly I am reminded (sooner or later) that "control" is an illusion.
Perhaps we can simply rejoice that offshore pirate printing presses are not
churning out millions of illegal copies of the designer's manual, intro to
PC and so on...?  Then again, at half the price or less maybe more people
would pick up a copy...wanting to have our cake and eat it too seem to be an
ongoing systemic complication.

John Schinnerer

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