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on 6/6/00 4:20 AM, Lawrence F. London, Jr. at lflondon at mindspring.com wrote:

> On Mon, 05 Jun 2000 17:28:30 GMT, "Akiva" <akivaw at hotmail.com> wrote:
> We (and I) could do a lot to get and keep PIJ online permanently
> and permaculturally (or electropermiculturally for those wanting that
> qualification). Eventually this presence for them could translate into
> a revitalized and renewed hardcopy presence.
> And what about their Glocal Permaculture Directory? What happens to
> that? Could I set them up with a free website here at MetaLab where
> they could keep on trucking and put the Directory online (they could
> always print it out for anyone wanting to purchase this from them by
> mail order). There are a lot of possilities here; why don;t we take
> advantage of a few of thm? Russ??? Any comments?

The idea I have been considering is setting up a WWW portal for Permaculture
International. This would link people with permaculture websites and email
addresses, carry a description of Permaculture International, of
permaculture and include a newsletter.

We had success in obtaining a free ISP here in Sydney to house the
Permaculture Sydney website free of charge and I would hope to use this same
ISP for a Permaculture International website were that to be agreed and were
the project to go ahead.

As for the Global Directory, I am unaware of any discussion about its
future, however I will email tonight seeking information.

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>>> From: Toby  Hemenway <hemenway at jeffnet.org>
>>> Kris wrote:
>>>> Get real Robert Jensen [snip ad hominem diatribe]
>>> Robert: I welcome your point of view. Please don't let one name-calling
>>> flame discourage you from posting; most of the people on this list are
>>> respectful of other people and their opinions.
>>> Kris: Let's keep it civil, eh?
>>> Toby
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