North American Permaculture Convergence

Scott Pittman pci at
Mon Jun 5 18:12:07 EDT 2000

There is a great opportunity to hold a North American Convergence in 
October this year to coincide with Bill Mollison's visit to the US.  Bill 
will be giving a short course in Louisiana titled "Using Patterns in Human 
Settlement Design" he has also agreed to join us in a convergence should it 

The Permaculture Institute is considering organizing this event in 
Shreveport Louisiana where there is currently a permaculture project 
underway to redesign the Louisiana Army Ammunition Depot.  This Depot has 
been decommissioned and design is underway for an Ecological Industrial Park.

We would like to know how much interest there is out there for such a 
convergence and who would be willing to help bring it to fruition?

It has been a long time since there has been any kind of personal 
interaction in the U.S. permaculture family and there are many issues that 
could be discussed and shared.

Time is of essence to make this successful so please send me your comments, 
suggestions etc. to <pci at> attn: Scott Pittman.  We 
might also want to cc this list for discussion.


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