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Hello Marcus...
Yes, it is true.

The current edition of the journal - 75 - was the final issue.

The reasons for the PIJ's demise are primarily threefold:

(1) There has been a substantial decline in sales over the past 12 months

(2) Membership of Permaculture International, which published the PIJ, has
declined substantially

(3) The cost burden which would have been imposed by the GST would have made
the journal uncompetitive.

Green Connections magazine has agreed to provide two pages of Permaculture
International networking information per issue starting August, plus listing
of the course as was done by PIJ. Subscribers with outstanding magazines
will receive Green Connections in place of PIJ.

I will be posting more on the demise of PIJ on our website (see address
below) - you will soon find it in Pacific Edge Reported newsletter on the

In August, a three day permaculture convergence has been called to discuss
the future of permaculture and there is currently a discussion over the
future of permaculture taking place via email. The convergence will be held
to Robyn Francis' Djanbung Gardens in Nimbin.

Please contact me of you want additional information.

...Russ Grayson

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on 4/6/00 9:00 AM, 1Earth Permaculture at permaculture at start.com.au wrote:

> Someone told me the other day that the Permaculture International
> Journal has folded - is this true?  If so, we have lost a valuable
> resource.
> Unfortunately, my subscription just ran out.
> Regards,
> Marcus
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