Nitrogen in mesquite

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Wed Jan 26 05:22:47 EST 2000

Hi Noel,
i received your post via USA, I live in south Oz.
I havent the n content of mesquite, but if its like Acacia the leaves should
be quiet high.
If you intend a commercial operation you will need a chemical analysis on
the packaging so you will need to have it tested. have you though of
composting as a part of your process.
this will add value as an organic fertilizer also you may find you cannot
stock pile it wihout it composting itself. So may be better to plan to do
that and turn out a consistent product.

All the best

Wesley Trotman

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> I got this email from a couple in Oz who read the alt.permaculture
> newsgroup. If anyone--hey you desert dwellers--can help them, you should
> respond directly to them as I don't think they read this list. But please
> post an answer here, too, since I'm curious. I assume that wood has less
> nitrogen than leaves, but mesquite has such high-protein pods and
> alkaloid-containing sap that I'd guess the whole thing is high in
> Toby
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> >    Hi Toby , I have read your article on n-fixing with much interest .
> >are  in the process of setting up a commercial mulching operation our
> >fodder is  Mesquite [Prosopis] 50000H of of it .I need to know if the N
> >properties will carry through  to the mulch . I intend to concentrate on
> >medium to small trees 40 to 80 mm with  as much foliage as possible i.e.
> >,Average ; three meter branch 60mm in diameter  with normal amount of
> >foliage .I believe our Mesquite is the' Gillafolia 'or  something like
> >that , reasonably  straight trunks with little or no spikes .  I am
> >trouble finding any specific information regarding the Mesquite as a
> >mulch  ,I would imagine it would react in a similar way to Lucerne in
> >releasing N  in to the soil . I hope to be able to market our product as
> >high N mulch with all the other benefits of a normal mulch as well . I
> >would  appreciate if you would have any hints on where I might be able to
> >find some  information .We live 1600km from the nearest capital city so I
> >am fairly limited  in my avenues of research . I have searched the net
> >with out much luck  .Looking forward to your response .    Kind Regards
> >Noel  Wright   ,  Karratha , North Western  Australia   .
> >
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