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Subject: Announcing the Market Farming discussion group.

Hi all,

Forgive the cross-posts and feel free to pass this around freely.

New mailing list/newgroup/webforum for Market Farming
Please send to all appropriate venues.

Announcing the Market Farming discussion group.

At last, a truly practical, production-oriented mailing list for farmers
of small acreage, owned and administered by farmers of small acreage.  
The challenges of making a living providing food and fiber to
consumer-direct markets from small acreage are different from those of
large landholders both in scale and scope.  The consumer-direct aspect,
whether to restaurants, farmers' markets, CSAs, or websites, provides
challenges distinct from the wholesale, packing house, or broker
marketplace. We invite all small aceage farmers, regardless of their
market outlet, to participate in this forum.

We hope to see discussions on appropriate scale production methods and
equipment, marketing and profitability, cropping sequences and
diversification, sustainability, both of the land and of the farm
family, working with extension agents, private consultants, and fellow
farmers, in other words, all those things involved in making a living
providing food and fiber from your small acreage.

The technology for this forum is provided by MetaLab through their Lyris
mailing list server. This powerful software allows participation by
either Web browser, newgroup reader or e-mail, allowing farmers who only
use email to gain access.

Self-subscribe through the Web by accessing the website at

In case you do not have Web access or for any reason need to use the
email interface send an e-mail to:

lyris at

with any one of the following messages in either the subject 
line or message body:

subscribe market-farming
subscribe market-farming your_name
join market-farming your_name
alternate address: join-market-farming at

The FAQ will be sent to you automatically to indicate 
that you have subscribed successfully 

OR you may read it (market-farming.faq) at:

OR have it sent to you by email by sending email to:
lyris at
with the message text or subject line containing:
get market-farming market-farming-list.faq

We welcome your participation!

Marcie A. Rosenzweig
Full Circle Organic Farm
Auburn, CA

Lawrence F. London, Jr.  Venaura Farm InterGarden PermaSphere
lflondon at  london at

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