permaculture in Minnesota

Bradley D. Brasel bongzl at
Fri Jan 21 10:39:17 EST 2000

I was wondering if anyone had any good sources and/or ideas about a project 
that I am working on for college.  My class is environmental 
interdisciplinary research 475 @ Concordia College in Moorehead MN.  We 
have at our disposal 120 acres of prime land located in the central lakes 
near Detroit Lakes.  It has every type of locality including lowland 
forests, upland forests, wetlands adjacent to a larger lake, agricultural 
land (in use currently), and some open prarie.  What I am proposing is that 
permaculture can work to create more opportunities for this land that would 
directly benefit the college for years to come.  Any feedback would be 
greatly appreciated.  Thank you
                                        Brad D. Brasel

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