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The next London Pc Teachers and Diploma Project Support Group meeting is
scheduled for Sunday 13 Feb 1-6pm at Duncan Law's house,

44 Holmewood Road,
tel/fax 0181 678 6617

Please send, fax or email Duncan with any agenda items or other requests

Please bring a dish for a communal lunch remembering that some members are

Getting there is easy. Take a tube to Brixton which is the southern end of
the Victoria Line, turn left out of the station and then get any bus with
Streatham on the front from either of the last two stops opposite Barclays
Bank and the Pizza Hut. It's 70p or you could by a 1-2 zone travelcard and
it would cover you. Once  Brixton Hill starts to level out get off opposite
Acorn Storage (about 6 stops), continue walking for 50 yards in the same
direction and Holmewood Road appears on your left. I am at the end opposite
the green.

At the last London Pc Gathering Green Adventure pledged to do a London
Gathering round about January. With the departure of Stefania it has got
rather dropped. Any thoughts about that and ways forward for the London Pc
Association Group should be brought to the meeting.

Looking forward to seeing you there. RSVP.


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