Feedback needed: a new list for a permaculture calendar & eve nts announcements

Lawrence F. London, Jr. london at
Wed Jan 19 13:54:35 EST 2000

On Wed, 19 Jan 2000, John Schinnerer wrote:

> I am perfectly happy to see events/classes/etc. posted right here.  I don't
> see any need for another list.  Would it no longer be proper etiquette to
> post them here if this new list is for that purpose?  If so, I'd have to sub
> to two lists to get what I now get from one; if not, they're going to turn
> up on both lists anyway...

I covered that in an earlier announcement about my starting the new list.
I suggested that users post their calendars to _both_ lists. However if
they only post to the calendar list then people will have a guaranteed
uncluttered place to easily find events notifications. Those that are only
subscribed here will benefit from crossposting to both lists. The calendar
list is not for discussion other than questions, requests and suggestions
directly related to the events posts.

I mass subscribed everyone to this list, as many requested, so you are now
subscribed - but you can unsub or have me do it for you.

All clear now? 

Onward then.


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