Feedback needed: a new list for a permaculture calendar & events announcements

Toby and Carolyn Hemenway hemenway at
Tue Jan 18 15:04:30 EST 2000

I think a list for events is useful, but with the caveats I describe in the
2nd paragraph. I'd want to keep non-calendar activity, including
discussion, to a minimum. The Activist (meaning Peter Bane, Keith Johnson,
and myself at this point) keeps a calendar that gets updated before every
issue, and it's reasonably complete. That could be ported onto the list to
cut down on multiple entries (tho the list calendar will probably soon
become more current and we at the Activist may want to download it for each
issue, if we may).

My big question about posting Pc courses is: does it do much good to post
them to an audience that, I suspect, has taken the design course or at
least some intro workshops? Is that the best audience? I'd like  to post Pc
events and courses on lists where the audience is Pc-naive but potentially
interested, like sustainable ag groups. I've been trying to collect the
addresses of these places, and would love to help put together a list of
sites that would reach a new audience. I confess a slight reluctance to
subscribe to a calendar since I probably wouldn't use 98% of the
information, except to add it to the Activist calendar. I still think it's
useful simply to see what others are doing, and for the chance to pass the
info to others, but I don't think it will be an effective marketing tool.
Or am I misjudging the number of subscribers whohaven't taken Pc courses?


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