Feedback needed: a new list for a permaculture calendar & events announcements

Lawrence F. London, Jr. london at
Mon Jan 17 22:33:01 EST 2000

I will create permaculture-calendar at to serve as a
calendar-of-events for the world of permaculture. Posts containing
feedback, questions or suggestions will be considered appropriate there;
everything else should exist here. Crossposting from the new list to
this one would be encouraged for the extra promotional value afforded.
The idea is to provide a guaranteed place to find a PC calendar. The
list automatically archives all posts. If you miss an announcement
you will be able to find it by browsing this area in the website for the

If anyone wants to compile a comprehensive calendar for a certain time
frame and post it, this would be most welcome. I would also advise
uploading these calendars and events news to a document transfer/view area
I will set up for this purpose. This will make it easier for people to
find a chronology of calendars and events announcements.

My PC page will contain a special area for access to the new list (non-
subscribers can read the message archives) and the calendar upload/view
area. There will also be a little webforum for the upload document area
to use to post descriptions of and other reference information on the
uploads. All the html code for this can easily be pasted into any other
website to further distribute access to these resources.
I can mass subscribe everyone on this list to this new list quickly and 
easily (takes me less than 5 minutes), saving you the effort of
subscribing. Should I do this or would you all like to subscribe


Lawrence F. London, Jr.  Venaura Farm InterGarden PermaSphere
lflondon at  london at

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