Feedback needed: a new list for a permaculture calendar & events announcements

Lawrence F. London, Jr. london at
Mon Jan 17 02:56:18 EST 2000

It has been suggested that a mailing list (like this one that is
accessable through email, the Web and as a newsgroup) is much needed
to post calendars of permaculture events and for announcements of
events by those sponsoring them. I think this is a good idea and
am ready to start one for this purpose. If any of you have ideas
or suggestions please post them here. An idea for a name is:
permaculture-news at A better
name, perhaps, is permaculture-calendar at, which
is very long but if you all prefer this and don't mind the extra typing 
I will call it that. Another question: should this new list be limited
to events listing with approprate feedback or, if it is named
permaculture-news, could/should it also contain news about the world of 
permaculture in addition to a calendar? A typical newsworthy post might 
be one describing a new permaculture curriculum offered by some college or
university or how some city has embraced permaculture in designing
and maintaining urban and suburban parkland or city landscaping. I would
think that in this instance feedback and discussion should be carried on
in this list keeping the other clear for news and events (with necessary
feedback & questions) posts only.  What do you think?

Personally, I am leaning toward permaculture-calendar and keeping news
here in this list where followup discussion can occur.


Lawrence F. London, Jr.  Venaura Farm InterGarden PermaSphere
lflondon at  london at

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