seed terminator terminated ?

georg parlow georg at
Thu Jan 13 12:02:39 EST 2000

i received the following from a pretty weird newage christion source - but
the basic info would be that the terminator program has been terminated -
and verifications *or falsifications) on that anyone?

.... the Monsanto Corporation has 
>    abandoned its terminator seed technology on orders from Above. As 
>    you may remember, the would-be know-it-alls from that corporate 
>    giant decided they wanted to own and manufacture all of the crop 
>    seeds worldwide. But a Discorporate Giant nixed the plan. Said a 
>    spokesman for the Creator, "Human beings have free will, so of 
>    course they are free to play God -- as long as God wins."
>    Like any spiritual transformation, Monsanto's was an inside job. 
>    An insider working with the Rockefeller Foundation began to suffer 
>    pangs of conscience, the first symptom of awakening compassion. He 
>    began to doubt the assertions that Monsanto scientists were wiser 
>    than Creation, and decided to air his concerns at a Monsanto board 
>    meeting. He secretly instructed the press to be there (before 
>    someone else could secretly instruct them not to), and he spilled 
>    the soybeans. By the time the spin doctors arrived on the scene, 
>    it was too late. The terminator technology had expired.


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