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> Subject: Job offer for Garden-farm Coordinator
> Date: Thu, 06 Jan 2000 17:28:51 -0600
> From: Brook Le Van <brook at sustainablesettings.org>
> Organization: Sustainable Settings
> Sustainable Settings is an innovative research, demonstration, and
> education project promoting sustainable livelihood.  Located on a
> beautiful 208-acre high mountain mesa in Woody Creek, Colorado, 11 miles
> from Aspen, the project incorporates art for daily life, organic
> garden-farming, "green" building, community development, and non-profit
> entrepreneurship. The project's garden-farm and pottery are established
> to develop as demonstrations of local economic stability. We currently
> have an opening for a full-time Garden-farm Coordinator.
> The Garden-farm Coordinator is responsible for developing and managing
> the day-to-day operations of the demonstration and enterprise components
> of the garden-farm. The Coordinator works closely with Sustainable
> Settings’ Co-Directors in the co-development of a range of produce,
> products, processes, markets, and business systems to make this endeavor
> successful. Other responsibilities include managing 1-2 interns,
> establishing and maintaining a group of volunteers, and maintaining
> professional standing in the field of sustainable agriculture through
> publishing journal articles, demonstrating and lecturing nationally, and
> attending conferences.
> Requirements: A masters degree in Agroecology or equivalent years of
> experience in Permaculture, Biodynamics and/or other sustainable
> agricultural theory.  Applicants must be familiar and flexible with the
> application of the contemporary knowledge-base of agroecology/
> permaculture and other sustainable agriculture theory.  It is considered
> an asset to be well versed in organic pest management; invasive species
> control; on-farm research and production problems; soil formation;
> biological nitrogen fixation and other nutrient cycling by cropping
> practices; resource and energy efficient irrigation systems; small scale
> animal husbandry; and wetland creation and management.   The successful
> applicant has exceptional communication skills, strong interest in
> sustainability, education, and entrepreneurship, a high degree of
> self-motivation, and common sense. Primarily, the Garden-Farm
> Coordinator seeks to test personally the concept of making a living as a
> farmer through the sale of organic produce and products, by consulting,
> and providing educational offerings--all with an emphasis on sustainable
> practices.
> This is a one-year position renewable based on performance and funding.
> Salary and benefits are commensurate with experience.  Further economic
> and experiential incentives encourage the Coordinator to guide the
> Garden-farm into a successful small-scale business.  Applications must
> be postmarked by March 1, 2000.  The position begins April 1, 2000. Send
> cover letter, resume, a sample of writing on research in sustainable
> agriculture, 3-4 references, and SASE if materials are to be returned.
> Serious candidates are encouraged to visit us in Woody Creek.  For more
> information visit our Web site at www.sustainablesettings.org or write
> for a brochure.
> To book a site visit and/or to apply contact:
> Brook Le Van, Co-Founder/ Co-Director
> Sustainable Settings
> PO Box 336
> Woody Creek, Colorado 81656
> Voice: 970.923.1366 Fax: 970.923.1367
> Sustainable Settings is a project of COMPASS for lifelong discovery, a
> 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization supporting progressive/alternative
> educational concepts in its mission and programs since its’ founding in
> 1970.
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>   Brook Le Van
>   Co-director
>   Sustainable Settings
>   Brook Le Van
>   Co-director
>   Sustainable Settings
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>   Woody Creek                                                                                                                                Work: (970) 923-1366
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>   USA
>   "The danger of formal education or schooling...is that it encourages young people to find careers before they find a decent calling. A career is a job. A calling has to do with one's larger purpose and the gift one wishes to give to the world. -David Orr
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