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7th Annual Women's Permaculture Design Workshop
February 4-6, 2000
at Lost Valley Educational Center    Dexter, Oregon ( 20 miles SE of Eugene)

The purpose of this workshop is to create a comfortable, supportive
environment for women to learn Permaculture philosophy, principles, and
strategies.  Permaculture is an invaluable model for farmers, gardeners,
educators, landscapers, architects, planners, foresters, community
organizers, and anyone interested in self-sustaining practices.
Permaculture is a design method that offers guidelines for ways we can
create a more permanent culture by conserving resources in all aspects of
living.   Productive self-reliant environments will evolve through
thoughtful integration of land, water, people, plants, animals, shelter,
technologies and community.
Topics Included:
* Observation skills and site analysis
* Natural cycles and pattern recognition
* Soil building
* Plant identification
* Edible landscaping and organic gardening
* Water management
* Tree crops and sustainable forestry
* Animal husbandry
* Appropriate technology and housing
* Village design and urban strategies
* Community networking

"One of the most informative three days I've spent anywhere!" Marian Gleason

Instructor: Jude Hobbs
Jude Hobbs is a designer, horticulturist, instructor and researcher.  Since
1982, through her business Cascadia Landscape Design, she has offered
creative environmental design solutions for urban and rural settings.  Her
focus is on Permaculture Master Plans with a specialty in edible, native,
and wild-life attracting plants.  Jude has authored a bulletin (EM8721) on
multi-functional hedgerows published and distributed by Oregon State
University Extension.
As an instructor, Jude's diverse teaching style facilitates learning to be
fun and inspiring.  She tends a small Forest Garden in Eugene, Oregon.

Fee:  Sliding  scale $175-$250.
Some work trades available
This includes tuition, curriculum materials, vegetarian meals,  and dorm rooms.

Jude Hobbs
1161 Lincoln, Eugene, Oregon 97401 USA
(541) 342-1160 or hobbsj at efn.org

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