Powerful FDA testimony re: labelling GE foods

Donna Feigel feigel at starnetinc.com
Fri Jan 7 02:51:26 EST 2000


I'll try to get it right this time. Sorry that I addressed Drucker's 
testimony rather than Cohen's. Same day, same place, different person! 
FDA Testimony by Robert Cohen, Washington DC, 11-30-99, can be found at 
Dr. Wolfson's website (along with Steven Drucker's and a third 

Dr. Wolfson is known for his excellent GE Newsletters which provide 
reliable information. Email is offered if you want to contact him. 
Richard Wolfson,  PhD., Consumer Right to Know Campaign for Mandatory 
Labeling and Long-term Testing of all Genetically Engineered Foods 
Ottawa, Ontario Canada, http://www.natural-law.ca/genetic

Also available at this site are articles written by Dr. John Fagan, 
founder of Genetic ID of Fairfield, Iowa. Genetic ID offers GMO testing 
that is a "nearly foolproof" method for detecting GMOs and has recently 
been key in the gathering evidence of GMO contamination.

Do check out the BioIntegrity site previously mentioned as well as this 
one. They're both excellent and may help with your search. 

Best wishes--Donna

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