Powerful FDA testimony re: labelling GE foods

Donna Feigel feigel at starnetinc.com
Fri Jan 7 00:33:56 EST 2000


Steven Drucker's testimony was presented at the second of three public 
hearings the FDA held in November and December. The first was a 
"surprise" in Chicago, we found out at the eleventh hour. The FDA 
provided 150 seats--the midwest grain capital, millions of people live 
in the metro area--150 seats for a PUBLIC hearing! Monsanto knew about 
it. After a phone call barrage, a new space to accommodate more people 
was located. Guess the FDA thought no one would pay attention. We did, 
but for many people in the midwest, it was too late for them to come. 
The second hearing, held November 30 in Washington DC was scheduled the 
same time as WTO. It got lost too (whoops! so sorry, poor planning). The 
third and final public hearing was held in Oakland, California.

The FDA says they want to hear from US citizens about this issue, 
specifically labeling. We have until January 13 (some sources say the 
16th) to make a statement. Call, write or e-mail the FDA Commissioner to 
voice your concerns:
Dr. Jane E. Henney, Commissioner, Food and Drug Administration, Dockets
Management Branch H-F 305, 5603 Fishers Lane, Room1061, Rockville, MD
20852, Docket #99N-4282 .  (301) 827-2410.  e-mail:  execsec at oc.fda.gov;
Comments may be submitted via the FDA web site at
www.fda.gov/ohrms/dockets.  Identify docket number on correspondence.

Drucker's testimony may be accessed at:
You may reach him for permission to publish on your website through 
BioIntegrity, located in Iowa, he's the director of the organization and 
they are currently involved in a lawsuit with the FDA. This site also 
holds scanned internal FDA documents, now public documents. 
Controversial, browse these docs, make up your own mind.
> "Why Food & Drug Administration Policy on Genetically Engineered Food
> Violates Sound Science & U.S. Law"
> PRESENTATION of STEVEN M. DRUKER, J.D.,  Executive Director of the
> ENGINEERED FOODS,  NOV. 30, 1999,WASHINGTON, D.C. Panel on Scientific,
> Safety, and Regulatory Issues
> A. Introduction : I am very pleased to be here, and I commend you,
> Commissioner Henney, for holding these meetings.  I am also somewhat
> surprised to be here, since I am one of the stro
entire testimony at: http://www.biointegrity.org/fdaPMP.html


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