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Thu Jan 6 18:07:18 EST 2000

> >2) Patterns In Nature
> >
> >I think these may be out of print; if anyone has sources for either of
> >these I would appreciate your letting me know.
> >
> >Thanks,
> >
> >Lawrence
> >

I have never seen the book Patterns in Nature. Could you mean Photographing the
Patterns of Nature? This is a photography book about seeing patterns and using them to
make photographs. It looks at recognising patterns in nature, designing a photograph
with them and photographic assignments based on this. Essentially, it relates to
nature and close-up photography. Even if you're not into photography, the many colour
images make this a worthwhile book. The author is Gary Braasch and the book was
published by Amphoto, New York, in 1990.

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