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Am trying to get ahold of someone at Seed Saver's Exchange, but can't
find a direct email. If you could forward, I would appreciate it:

Have a request of you that you may be able to help me with. We have a
gentleman that lives in my area (SE Iowa) named Harold Linder, he has
been growing apples for 50 years on a large acreage where he grew up. He
has many many rare and unique heirloomapples from what I hear. He is now
in his late 80's, and has been looking for someone to buy the farm from
him and take over his work, because I hear his children want to sell the
property to whomever will buy it. No one has stepped up to take it over,
and my fear is that whomever takes over this property will either not
care for the trees properly, or worse cut them down, and dozens of
heirlooms will be lost. Furthermore, he desires to train the individual
who takes it over and
pass along all that he knows, and I am afraid that will be lost too.

My question to you is do you know anyone, or someone who knows someone,
who is looking to take care of a farm like this and would be willing to
come down and talk to him?? I am emailing you and a few others that
might have the connections to find someone interested. I would like to
get the ball rolling quickly, because it is impossible to know how long
anyone that age has left. Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

Matt Green

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