cob design details

Sun Jan 2 22:26:56 EST 2000

There was a product I used in SlipperyRock, at there MS3 program.  Althought 
it is an amazing product to ues for below grade cod and straw bale walls, the 
sustainablility and enbodied eneggy levels leave something to be desired.  
This product is called "Liquid Glass".  It is a clear oderless liquid ude to 
fire proof boxes.  The chemical make up is well, unknow to me, I belive it is 
a silicon based product.

We soaked a bale in the stuff, and barried it in the ground ( with a very 
high water table).  2 weeks later we dug it up watter running out of the bale 
but there was no visiable break down.  Just thought you would like to know.

If you have any questions please write back.

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