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(My friend Rob Bolman has asked me to post this. He's going on tour with an
outstanding slide show, "Natural Building and Social Justice" and is
looking for venues to show it. I recommend the show highly; contact him at
<robtb at> and visit if you know of a group that
might like to see it. -Toby)

"Natural Building & Social Justice"
A Talk & Slide Presentation by Robert Bolman
Western United States Tour 2000

This critically acclaimed talk and slide presentation by Eugene, Oregon
builder and activist, Robert Bolman has delighted audiences up and down the
west coast.

Looking for contacts all over the United States, but in particular, in
Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma,
Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Iowa and Wisconsin.

"Natural Building & Social Justice" takes about 80 minutes. It is presented
using two projectors placing images on side by side screens thereby allowing
for the comparison and juxtaposition of images and ideas. This also enables
the presentation to "leapfrog" through about 300 slides in a fast paced and
stimulating way.

"Natural Building & Social Justice" can be shown in places ranging from a
living room to an auditorium. Robert arrives with his own projectors with
zoom lenses to accommodate a variety of room sizes and situations. In order
to meet costs associated with doing a slide show tour, a minimum fee of $100
per presentation is requested. Of course, if more money is available, it
will be cheerfully accepted.  A video of "Natural Building & Social Justice"
is available free of charge for those serious about setting up an event.

"Natural Building & Social Justice":
- Begins by poking fun at the oversized, overpriced, environmentally
houses that have become so common in recent years. The social issue of 5000
sq. foot houses in a country rife with homelessness is also explored.
-Then the alternatives are shown. From straw bale to cob & adobe to the
earthship concept, Robert shows a broad overview of natural building
including passive solar design, photovoltaics, gray water, catch water,
appropriate technology and permaculture.
-Natural Building & Social Justice then begins exploring the poor
distribution of the world's wealth. While 90% of the presentation focuses on
Natural Building, it is at this point that it does take a political stand.
-An argument is then made for voluntary simplicity as a Mexican shanty town
is explored. The point is made that from an environmental point of view, it
would be better for us to live a little closer to their lifestyle than for
them to somehow achieve our lifestyle.
-Natural Building & Social Justice ends with a brief exploration of human
consciousness and the need to learn to see the world a little more clearly.
It ends with photos of trees and children to serve as a reminder of why we
must do the best we can to save the world for future generations.

Here are some things that have been said about "Natural Builidng & Social
"Your slide show was fantastic! It was unanimously voted the best guest
presentation at our 2 Week Sustainable Living Skills Retreat July 20-August
2, 1997. It was fast-paced, witty, hilarious, educational, and powerful. To
get across so much information, and yet have it be so entertaining is a rare
gift in a presenter. A gift that you have in abundance."
Michelle Bissonnette & Ocean Robbins
Youth for Environmental Sanity (YES)

“Our group, The Down to Earth Building Bee, recently hosted Robert Bolman
and his slideshow presentation "Natural Building and Social Justice" here
in Vancouver for three wonderfully inspiring evenings. We were thrilled to
have full houses for these showings, proving that there is a huge interest
in natural building presently. Around 400 people attended these slideshows
and many more expressed regret that they were not able to attend. Following
the slideshow we have had much positive feedback. Many persons expressed a
renewed sense of motivation to take steps towards living more sustainably.
A few have said it was one of the best slideshows they have seen. Robert's
slideshow very clearly encapsulates within the larger picture, the many
political, social and environmental issues of building. As well, his
information on alternative building is filled with tons of useful and
interesting ideas.
I believe this is a slideshow that will inspire people to get involved in
the movement which will help all of us further our goals. For this reason I
encourage everyone to see Robert's slideshow if you get a chance or better
yet host a slideshow. You won't be disappointed.
Ian Marcuse
Co-ordinator, The Down to Earth Building Bee

Any help in setting up this Western U. S. Tour would be very much
Please check out Robert's web site:
Robert Bolman
541-344-7196 robtb at
888 Almaden St, Eugene OR 97402, USA

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