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I've read that in Indonesia they plant bamboo on hillsides when they cut a
road to keep from having landslides. The root system of bamboo is huge,
great soil retention capacity.


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>Dear Sirs/Madams:
>I happened on your link via "Bamboo People."
>A technical question:  I have recently toured communities in northern
>Honduras devastated by floods following Hurricane Mitch in October 1998
>and again last September.  Local governments in the fertile floodplain
>around San Pedro Sula annually spend millions of dollars they can scarcely
>afford repairing destroyed riverbank walls. Bamboo seems to be a common
>site in the region, yet the riverbank walls are NOT planted with the
>species.  Most often the banks are left uncompacted, or when compacted,
>bare of trees.  Is bamboo a useful tool in securing the soil of a flood
>prone riverbank? And what are the down-sides of utilizing the plant in
>such an environment?
>Thank you in advance for any help you can throw my way.
>Fred Spielberg
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