Cornus mas

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Tue Feb 22 16:34:43 EST 2000

I believe Hidden Springs Nursery also has it. I am in zone 5 and mine
appears to be doing fine.

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> mIEKAL, 
> Given the source of these cultivars (Bulgaria, Eastern Europe,
> Romania, USSR) it seems likely that they would do well in Wisconsin.
> In fact, I just checked the atlas maps showing climatic regions and
> they correspond very closely to your  region. You may want to check
> with the supplier mentioned previously as below. Oikos, Bear Creek and
> Edible Landscaping each offer only unnamed cultivars of Cornus Mas so
> they may not be much help. 
> Keith 
> mIEKAL aND wrote: 
> 	anyone know the hardiness on these species?  Im growing an
> unnamed variety from bear creek,  they arent very fast growing, maybe
> 4' tall after 3 years & the rabbits have taken out most of them... 
> 	Keith Johnson wrote: 
> 			Can someone tell me names of sweet varieties of
> Cornus mas
> 		You may already have this data from Cornucopia:
> Sourcebook of Edible Plants (which, if you haven't got, is a must have
> title for every Pcist's bookshelf and can be ordered from the
> Permaculture Activist) which lists 6 cultivars of Cornus Mas as
> follows: 
> 		Bulgarian: deep scarlet to violet, high in sugar,
> excellent flavor, small stone.(Available from Eppler Ltd, Po Box
> 16513, Seattle Wa, USA 98116, 206-932-2211) 
> 		Cream: Creamy skin, lighter flesh, Excellent quality
> (same source as above) 
> 		Golden Glory: Edible red fruits(from Carroll Gardens, PO
> Box 310, Westminster, MD 21157 USA, 301-848-5422 or Holbrook Rarm and
> Nursery, Rt. 2, Box 223B, Fletcher, NC, USA 28732, 704-891-7790) 
> 		Romanian: Large, spherical fruit, bright red, lighter
> flesh, high in sugar, delicately glavored, quality excellent, highly
> productive. (see Eppler above) 
> 		Russian Giant: Very large, barrel-shaped fruit, deep
> scarlet, flesh lighter scarlet, high in sugar, excellent flavor, small
> stone. (Eppler) 
> 		Yellow: Yellow skin, lighter yellow flesh, excellent
> quality. (Eppler) << File: Card for Keith Johnson >> 

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