The attack on organic continues

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IMHO  u have to know that these big corporations are over the whole earth so
of course that attack will be over the whole earth.  they will come at us
from every where.  these folks want to control all the food and don't like
organic growers so expect it and support ur local organic grower and
sustainable grower even more.  u see this GMO stuff is the biggest threat to
sustainable ag I have ever seen.,  they don't raise more food in fact it has
been show those that use GMO raise even less and use more herbicides .  if u
value sustainable ag look deep into their bullshit.  they make the genes so
they can jump them across gnomes so as they can jump them in they also can
jump out.,  they can live in the gut they can live in the soil .  they don't
know for sure where they jump in at and can not control them jumping from
gnomes to gnomes.  folks that enlighten the public like Ann Clark and Dr
Arpad Puztai, who said GM foods
dangerous to human health.  His experiments in which
he fed
genetically-modified potatoes to rats were later
these folks are heroes .  I can see using GMO in controlled conditions for
experimentation but to release them on the whole earth is wicked.  they do
not have it down yet and as we are seeing they are learning at the earths
expense.  its bad science and big corporations conspiracy not scientific
progress as they would have u believe,  it is a fraud and a hoax and they
are trying to obscure what they are doing by talking about how bad organic
growing is.  the tied has turned and this changing of DNA has become the
biggest civil rights fight we have today. Small farmers and consumers groups
all over the world are rising up and just saying NO.  now it has come home
to the USA and folks everywhere are seeing what these corrupt monopoly's are
up to.
so look for attacks on organic growers look for attacks on those that speak
out because even though the snakes head has been cut off it still wiggles
like a mad ,.  but the tide has turn so take heart.  do the good u know
think right and love without limit.
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> Does the name John Hillman sound familar from an earlier post?  Looks like
> ebay and Iraq are not the only things under a concerted attack this week.
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> >my mother recently sent me this article from some BBC
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