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> While we are on the topic of legume inoculants, it is very important to
> alert all organic/sustainable farmers to the fact that there are
> currently genetically engineered Rhizobium inoculants on the market.
> This can be pretty confusing.  For example, Urbana sells 2 alfalfa/clover
> inoculants - 'Dormal' which is not genetically engineered and 'Dormal
> Plus' which IS genetically engineered.
> For those of you who are certified organic farmers, most organic
> standards do not allow the use of genetically modified organisms on an
> organic farm.  Genetically modified Rhizobium is just that.  There have
> been cases of organic farmers who have lost certification on fields where
> they planted alfalfa seed that came pre-inoculated with Dormal Plus.
> These fields lost certification for 3 years - back to the start of
> transition - because this is considered a prohibited material.  Some
> organic farmers who ordered untreated alfalfa seed (no fungicide) last
> year received alfalfa seed pre-inoculated with Dormal Plus, even though
> they did not ask for it.
> You really have to keep your eyes open!  There are getting to be more and
> more genetically modified agricultural products on the market - its not
> just Bt corn and Roundup Ready soybeans anymore, folks!
> Therefore - before using any microbial inoculants - PLEASE - verify with
> the manufacturer (not the dealer) IN WRITING that the inoculant is not
> genetically modified.  THEN - make sure you read the label on each and
> every bag before planting to make sure that you don't inadvertently plant
> something that will jeopardize your certification.  Save your labels to
> document that you did not plant seed with a prohibited inoculant.   And
> talk to your certifier about other products that may be genetically
> modified and therefore may be prohibited.
> This is for your protection!
> Mary-Howell Martens

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