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Scott wrote:
A problem I have is looking for broad canopy overstory plants, that fix
nitrogen, in order to mitigate light saturation in the high desert.  How I
long for those tropical legumes to provide light shade for my field.  My
plants suffer through the summer, even with high moisture content, because
of heat and light saturation; photosynthesis stops around noon so my plants
short growing season is further shortened by inactivity.  The ideal plant
would have a high broad canopy, fix nitrogen, have grey green or silvery
foliage to resist ultraviolet, provide light shade, and be drought tolerant.

What about Albizzia julibrissin, Silk Tree. It can grow from high altitudes
in Washington state to New Mexico as well hot low interior valleys. It fixes
nitrogen and has an incredibly beautiful canopy just as you describe and
beautiful flowers. In my experience it doesn't like heavy boggy soil but is
very drought tolerant.
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