The Brick Master oif Kerala

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Others who may be interested in making contact with The Brick Master of
Kerala.  Cheers, Deanna

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     Dear Dianne Forster--

We've been getting many such queries. Herewith, the contact 
information provided by Adam Hochschild.

--Richard Reynolds/Communications Director

  Here, in its entirety, is all the contact information I have
         for Costford, the organization mentioned in the Baker article. For
         you to pass on to the person who wrote in, and to anyone else
         who inquires:
         P.B. Sajan or Shailaja Nair
              (the husband & wife couple who run the office)
         phone: 011-91-471-550-810
         fax: 011-91-471- 449-619, but say: attention COSTFORD, because
         the fax is not in their office.
         e-mail: costfordtvm at
         mail address:
         Near Ulloor Bridge
         Pattom Palace P.O.
         Trivandrum 695 004

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