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> Sal,
> > \ U did say it will cross with sweetcorn and make the sweetcorn
> > a transgenic sweetcorn.
> Actually, I brought up sweetcorn to warn about the danger of sweetcorn
> pollen (transgenic or not) if one is trying to isolate seed production of
> heirloom OP corn.  Sweetcorn is kind of wild and produces a lot of pollen,
> plus it is usually earlier than field corn.
> >  so I take it the insecticide will be in the corn on the cob.
> >  so folks will be eating the insecticide just like the bugs.
> Well, yeah.  Also, I believe there are some Bt sweetcorns on the market, I
> know they have been developed, but maybe not marketed yet.
> > I'm asking will the seed from non transgenic corn become transgenic
> > if the pollen that makes the seed or corn is transgenic even
> > without waiting for next years plantings.
> > ...if I plant organic non transgenic seed and the corn is
> > non transgenic but gets its pollen from a transgenic corn will
> > that turn the fruit or the corn we eat into transgenic and will it
> > be a mix of mom non transgenic and dad into transgenic even though
> > I planted organic seed from the start?
> Yes, the embryo and endosperm will be transgenic.  But not all genes are
> expressed in the embryo or endosperm.  For example, Bt event 176 is
> expressed only in green tissue and in the pollen, while the more common Bt
> constructs are expressed all through the plant, but less strongly in the
> pollen than 176.
> Dale

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